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The Non-Linear Paradigm Shift (Word Graphic)

06 Jun 2014 / in WRITINGS

                                                              The Non-Linear Paradigm Shift (Word Graphic) by Randy Naylor   HOMOGENEOUS                           […]

A New Urban Social Sustainable Model 2013 Log-On

05 Jun 2014 / in WRITINGS

Log-On Assemblage A New Urban Social Sustainable Model 2013     LOG-ON Collaborative Collaboration is a social sustainable model that promotes community, public health and the conditions where one can think, create and act sustainable. Where one emerges from a consumer to a producer. Social Sustainable models promotes education, democracy, and citizen participation, thus enhancing […]

Form Generation Graphics 2013

30 May 2014 / in WRITINGS

Form Generation Graphics   Randy Naylor 2013 This series of graphics has been in the process for 12 years. It started with the Seismic Graphic Series. With the Seismic Graphics i was trying to find and illustrate a non-linear system. A system base on the organic process of self- organization. I was directly opposed to […]

2 Sustain-Ability

30 May 2014 / in WRITINGS

2 SUSTAIN-ABILITY I will attempt in this paper to introduce a sustainable approach toward a new social ontology. To do this I will introduce the concepts of Self-Organization/Distribution and Assemblages in relation ship to the Micro/Macro reductionism theory. Self-Organization models have emerged from the historical epochs and paradigm shifts; the Agrarian to the Industrial (Ford […]

Out UnCommon Sense

29 May 2014 / in WRITINGS

Our Uncommon Sense @ by Randy Naylor Well, common sense would warn one not to sell out, that heritage, culture, identity is an intrinsic value that cannot be bought or sold. Our Uncommon Sense is our ”Self-Interest.” We live in a boom town, we represent an unsustainable march propelled by a leaking oil economy. We […]