By Randy Naylor

We are on a long and winding road. How did we get here? The

Immigrant. The iPhone. Global Warming.

Our myopic focus: ” a lack of foresight or discernment, a

narrow view of something.” (Webster)

What the Anthropocene has defined is the limits of human

anthropocentric behavior. Or, people first philosophy. Where

Man conquers nature and invents Plastic from petroleum and the

oceans become the garbage dump, and presto, plactics, right into

your nano food chain via Mussels you digest.

Second Nature, everything is ripe for exploitation, pollution,

slavery and to be Cash and sold in a commercial cycle without

conscious, without consequence, without foresight or

discernment. Right into your Coop fund. You own it.

The 21st century has given us an interconnective and relational

philosophy ( Deleuze/Guattari/ Delanda/ Serres/ Morton) that is

inclusive and maps a post anthropocentric and sustainable

global response. How climate change, migration, immigration

and malnutrition are related. How and why all ”things” are

Alive, not just Humans and Beast. How BWO (bodies without

organs) including stones, reefs, volcanos and seas and are Alive.

This then includes,land,water, stars. What is alive then would

include ”hyper-objects” like plastic, radiation, CO2, coal, oil

and GM foods and drug resistant bacteria. Just to shout out a


Include then on this list: Immigrants and Migrants.

Include then on ths list: iPhones and all things Not Made in

Norway that somehow immigrated into your home next to your

TV. Made in China Syndrom migrant.

What then is the new immigrant and how did it arrive? Listhaug

and Trump define an Immigrant by measurement of a Wall.

France has a narrow bridge from Algeria. Germany tried an

open platform Google approach. England Brexit. Greece

drowned in IMF loans and chaos. Back to Myopia: ”Narrow

view of things.”

Lets then expand our Vision, our philosophy beyond 20th

century Existentialism. Include a Global response,

nonanthropocene, a sustainability, a post colonialism, a post

fossil fueled economy, a nutrition that is really a nutrient,

Google, iPhone and Chernobyl radiation as an Immigrant. Are

all of these not linked? A mutual causuality of Parts to the

Whole. Where the Whole now is a non mechanistic model of

reality, an open system managed and organized by exchanging

matter, energy and information with its environment. The New


Follow my argument here: If we redefine an Immigrant as

something nonHuman, nonanthropocentric, and a result of our

past and present politics, wars, industrial waste, and

exploitations. It is here then we can start to take on the real and

greater problems that have resulted in our myopia and the

ignorant symbol of the Wall.

It is here i give you the Immigrant: the iPhone. IT immigrated

here through a Syrian family via California named Jobs. On its

way it connected to a greater system internet and expanded to

Google (Russian/India family) and now to self-entrepreneur

Uber(Russian family) and AirB&B platforms. The new pattern

here is Self-Organization. That is what Immigrants do, they

Self-Organize. That is what SiliconValley does. Immigrants

Self-Organized 50% of the most known companies in

SiliconValley start-ups. From 1965-1985, 100% of the Oil

Industry in Rogaland was designed, geologically mapped,

engineered and founded by Immigrants. The ”Next Oil” matter

will be Immigrant.

Now, lets put up a Wall. An electronic Wall to keep out your

iPhone. You will collapse within 12 hours. Your daughters will

scream without Facebook. Your Office will implode and your

fingers will become useless digits. Ok,Walls do not work, not

the Wall of China nor the Berlin Wall nor the MexTexWall.

What works and what we have to work on is the real causes that

fuel our Fear. The challenge is now Global and is inclusive and

is nonhuman and is transdisciplinary and goes beyond cause and

effect because we have exhausted that binary myopic frame.

The biologist Ludvig von Bertalanffy: ”A system is less a thing

than a pattern. It is a pattern of events, its existence and

character deriving less from the nature of its components than

from their organization. As such it consists of a dynamic flow of


So i give you the new Immigrant. It is everywhere around you

and especially your iPhone. Think far beyond the wall and into

the larger dimensions of the ecosystem and nonhuman matter

and energy. Make a new global climate that is inclusive and

self-sustaining and Relational and Responsive to our present

Reality. Elect leaders that use their iPhones to connect, who are

not hung up on Walls.

Connectivity/Multiplicity: The Immigrant is your Global

Warming, is your Middle East War, is your Food chain, your

CO2, is your iPhone.

Did they call, Ms. Emergency? Its going to get very Hot and

there is no fire Wall even if you soon see the Smoke ! ”The last

time it was 4 degrees warmer there was no ice at either pole and

the sea level was 260 feet higher then it is today.”

”That would end Immigration as you know it.”