Once upon a town a circus came around and this is the story of how to

make an Ecology. The master of the Circus goes by the name of Mr.Smith.

He is an invisible trapize artist. Adam and Even are the masters of the

3 ring circus below. Eve joined the circus as a choerographer when she changed

her name from Eve to Even. Becoming Even gave her a 40% increase in intelligence

and creativity. Adams intelligence also jumped 40% as he no longer had to waste

his time trying to control Eve. This transiton really triggered the creativity of the

circus and the Economy. Home took on a new meaning.

One of the star attractions of the circus was a Rhinoceros that walked on stilts.

This Rhino replaced the Elephants and when walking on stilts the Rhino was

the same hight as an Elephant. It was a White Rhino made from Bamboo

papier-mache. Two Rajasthan Indian artists painted the Rhino to look like

a royal radiant Elephant dancing in the wind.

Even created a choreography for an army of 1000 Monkeys. She dressed up the

monkeys in costumes to make them look like Robots. The Monkeys were each given

a pair of semaphore flags. They stood in a long line and signaled the code

SOS. Even secretly designed for each monkey a pair of tap dancing shoes.

The Monkeys tapped out a random Mores code.

… _ _ _ _ _ . . . . . . . _ _ _ _ _ _ . . . . . _ . . . _ _ _ . .. . – – – – . . . . . _ _ _

…. —- ….. —— .-.-.-.-.. …— -.-.– ….–.—.-..–.-…..——…—……—…

This became an extraordinary symphonic free music improvisation master piece.

This Monkey King Orchestra was declared by CNN the best orchestra in the

world commerating their iridescent semaphore choreography and dazzling tap

dancing orchestra music. The orchestras random tap dancing code generated a new

aesthertcs and a genteel community ethics followed.

Thousands of tourists from Loas, Cambodia and Japan arrived every season

to marvel this magistic spectical: The Monkey King Orchestra.

The Economy and life of the Circus was guarenteed with this Market Creation

Tourist attraction . The towns citizens had an Organic field in which to act ,

invent a dynamic fertile community.

The invisible trapize artist Mr. Smith created an act where 1.000.000 Butter Flys

were released when the Monkey King Orchestra reached full intensity. This

Butter Fly Effect crescedo triggered by the wave of Mr. Smiths invisible hand burst

into the sky above the circus like a fireworks Pyrotechnic mushroom cloud.Except

it was pure radiant energy from the 1.000.000 Butter Flys pollinating the local towns

flower gardens and wild fields of Dandy Lions.

The visit by the Circus to town thus became the new SmArt Town. The mayor

renamed the town Adam & Even. This is the real story of how Home Economics ,

Self-Organization and the invisible hand emerged.