By RandyNaylor

With Windmøllebakken H&H delivers Roglands (Norways)

first modern attempt at communal living, ”Gaining by

Sharing.” The blueprint is an architectural model

interconnected by two internal spiraling staircases. This is a

Phase Space (read Lorenze Attractor) that will trigger the

complex interrelationships among the commune’s

inhabitants. ” There will be some new marriages and some

new divorces.”

Only H&H in Architecture have the philosophical

knowledge and design skills to generate this communal plan.

The placement of the common Library and Garden space on

the 5 floor is a clever design assemblage that ensures the

flow and glow through the building as one ascends the stairs

from the common dining and kitchen on the first floor. One

moves through transparent space and light thus the stairs

function as a bridge from the common area to private to


The Phase-Space is designed to trigger social-cultural

relationships. (”Relational” as the book by H&H is titled) So

if you choose to move in here, you are the Good Neighbor

and this is your hood. There is no hiding and that is i guess

the Gaining by Sharing. It is a grand experiment to our

Multi-plus-City and all i missed is the grand piano on the

ground floor and chickens in the outdoor garden that needs

to be expanded.