Mind the Gap: The Oil Surge

By Randy Naylor June 14, 2013

One can sense the essence of a paradigm shift. Journalists have begun to take a critical look at the oil epoque: Stavanger Aftenblad carefully begins to peel away at Statoils omnipotent industrial complex. The renewable question: what will Norway produce after the oil boom? Let me paint you this picture entitled ”Mind the Gap”. We see signs on every bus stop. ”1000 petroleum engineers needed immediately. ” What is the rush, why are these flash-cards appearing in every employment wanted ad? Imagine a glass of oil in your hand, you can see that the glass is 2/3 empty. There is 1/3 of this black enigmatic gold still visible in the bottom of the glass. It is a time glass, like in the very ancient times. Lets call this the Oil Bridge, the hour is getting late, we have perhaps 20 years to ”get out the rest of the oil,” thats the bridge. The trick is that we have to maintain the oil price at $100 a barrel. If the price rises to $175 bbl, it becomes too expensive – game over. If it drops below $50 bbl – game over. Then it is too expensive to drill and there is no profit margin. Renewables take over.

The Surge The Surge is on, the global oil companies well understand this casino and control the

table. Hubbert’s Peak Oil Theory does not really apply here. This is a new observation that now must include Climate Change and again the hour glass, now melting. The surge of engineers and manpower is to beat the environmental clock. Except the oil companies do not really care about the environment, they only know and care about the clock. In 20 years from now a renewable energy form will be invented rendering fossil fuel redundant and a toxic waste. The Bridge battery is probably already invented, hidden and kept in a secret warehouse in California. It must remain Top Secret and hidden to maintain the 20 year $100 bbl. To keep all of the major oil companies from going bankrupt. Climate Change is a big shadow

in this painting, The real game is Russian-Roulette or lets call it Global-Roulette. Lets load and spin the chamber. One bullet for global warming, one bullet for continued use of fossil fuels increasing the global temperature, one bullet for toxics in the food chain and industrial beef farming, one bullet for mercury in the tuna (oceans), one bullet for the financing of foreign oil wars. Seems we have loaded all of the chambers – or is there one chamber left?

Mind the Gap The smart money has already bridged the paradigm shift. Last week in DN Jens

Ullveit-Moe announced that he is only investing in Renewable ”green” energies. Øystein Stray Spetalen , sensing the paradigm shift, lectured Frp that we must use the oil fund for education and infrastructure building. Both men, among our most astute financial minds, are telling you to Mind The Gap. Norway has 20 years to develop healthy renewable energy resources, decontaminate our food chain,

and prioritate research in bioenergy, bionutrition and bioengineering. This is where Norway can make the difference, because it is Now we have the funds to invest in this research and development. Thats our 20 year bridge. The Planet is calling for intelligent resource allocation and the development of sustainable local and global health practices. We cannot continue to play Russian-Roulette with our civilization, our planet earth and ourselves. Mind the Gap.

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(oil: te 75 dollar price floor. by andrew mckilop)