Form Generation Graphics  

Randy Naylor 2013

This series of graphics has been in the process for 12 years. It started with the Seismic Graphic Series. With the Seismic Graphics i was trying to find and illustrate a non-linear system. A system base on the organic process of self- organization.

I was directly opposed to a linear top down command and control system. This type of behavior has given us the assembly line, the military industrial complex, the food industrial complex and a very unhealthy society and an environmental disaster. Form Generation returns us to an organic process. This is a complex process where everything is connected and regenerates itself. The system is not based on abstraction, where one seperates ”the parts from the whole” as in an old theory of modernism. This was the old top down segregated formula that has led us to the environmental abyss. Form Generation represents a conservation, an ”Autopoesis” self-organization based on distribution of energy and integrity. ”The universe is seen as made up Not of things, but of flows and relationships.”Where in the past we looked at collage techniques and cut and paste techniques. In form generation, we look at flows and the multiplicity of variables. Time is now measured as organic, ecologial and geological. Not a linear, imput/ output time machines. The universe is made up of flows and relationships, This graphic series represents the nodes and flows, the multiplicity and how all things are connected. The starting point is a hand drawn organic figure . Through an emergence process it becomes a golden band, a butterfly effect, then to a sea of blur. In this blur new forms and action appear.