Imagine a tranquil lake with a flock of Canadian Geese feeding on its surface. Suddenly there is a big bang…The Canadian Geese take flight in chaos, rise swiftly from the ripples and with no apparent leader form a perfect V over the horizon: EMERGENCE .
Imagine an African red ant colony digging tunnels, forming new passages, storing food. Suddenly a hunter tramps on the colony unknowingly, half of all the tunnels collapse. The ants reorganize and create new tunnels, without any apparent command or organization structure: EMERGENCE THEATER

” Like a navigator who in one trajectory uses the metro, the bus and the foot in combination-thereby integrating a network of bodily and mechanic locomotion into one ASSEMBLAGE : “A rhizomatic of nomadic thought would forge linkage or connections between different systems of knowledge-information.” (Deleuze/Gauttari)

Hyb Q is a multi-disciplinary music architecture. Its reason d’etre is to navigate a multiple creative (un)map in the 21 century. This un-mapping is routed through EMERGENCE THEORY, SELF-ORGANIZATION and the establishment of INTERDEPENDENT INTELLIGENT UNITS.

Hyb Q is founded by the multimedia artist Randy NAYLOR; a music theater and inter-disciplinary art that has manifested itself in many hybrid and plastic art performances. The process has included many actors on the Norwegian art scene and the play grounds have been Stavanger, Oslo, Paris and New York. Hyb Q presently consists as a “new music architecture. In this music-scape, there is a topography play linking the genres of music, theater, performance and digital choreography, emerging to create a HYBRID (Hyb Q). Here there is no beginning, middle, nor end, rather a non-linear movement, a readiness. These navigated sequences conducted through multiple instrument play, digital information, storytelling, EMERGE to create a new music heterogeneity and establish the EMERGENCE THEATER .